New Atlantic storm system moving west toward isthmus

There is a new storm in the mid-Atlantic that may cause problems here. Meanwhile, a disturbance in the Pacific is moving up the Mexican coast and away from Costa Rica.

The new tropical storm is named Ophelia. It is moving due west at 9 mph or 15 kph, said the U.S. Hurricane Information Center in Miami. Forecasters said they expected the speed to increase.

The Atlantic is where storms are born during the hurricane season, which does not end officially until Nov. 30. Frequently such storms will take a turn to the north. But others fail to make the turn until they have an effect on Costa Rican weather.

The low pressure area in the Pacific is not named. It is moving west northwest and has a 90 percent chance of converting itself into a tropical storm or worse within the next 48 hours, the center said.

Meanwhile the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional predicts weather here to be typical of the season with warm mornings giving way to clouds and rain in the afternoon.

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