New bridge at Cambronero scheduled to be open this month

Traffic officials report that a new bridge at Cambronero on the Interamericana Norte will be opened this month.

Workers have been constructing it since January.

This is at the point where a culvert washed out last Sept. 8 and caused extensive road damage. There were detours, but a one-lane bailey bridge kept traffic flowing within a few weeks. Workmen installed a second bridge so that opposite lanes of traffic could flow unhindered.

The bailey bridges are being replaced by the new concrete and steel span. It is a $3.1 million effort. The bridge is 24 meters (79 feet) long and 15.6 meters (51 feet) wide.

The bridge spans the Quebrada Canejo which is frequently flowing. Workmen constructed a new culvert that empties into the quebrada. The culvert that blew out was of metal and had rusted. It was just not big enough to carry the slugs of water that heavy rain brought to the country last September. The new culvert is concrete.

The new bridge will carry three lanes because the highway at that point is scheduled to be widened to two ascending lanes and one going downhill. The Interamericana is national Ruta 1, which goes from the Nicaraguan border to San José. The new bridge also will have a pedestrian walkway protected by a concrete wall.

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