New law designed to expedite dealing with officials

The economics ministry is working on regulations to put into force a new law that is supposed to cut down on unnecessary government paperwork.

The law contained sanctions for public officials who fail to follow it, and it requires autonomous institutions to get approval from the ministry when measures that require citizens to take official actions or file paperwork. This part of the law also covers public universities.

The full effect of the law will not be known until regulations are published, but there seems to be an emphasis on what is called silencio positivo. That is the Costa Rican legal tradition that if a public entity does not act within a reasonable time after an applicant has submitted all the necessary documentation, approval is granted automatically.

The measure also requires the central government to do a cost-benefit analysis on any regulations that are passed.

The Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio is in charge of managing this law.

The law, No. 8220, is supposed to expedite the way business is conducted in Costa Rica, said the ministry.

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