Pizza operation becomes target for armed robber

I am an American who made his home here in Costa Rica 14 years ago and I must say that my “vista” has changed, This is due to the fact that my Pizzeria Papitos in Moravia was added to the long and growing list of businesses and persons who are assaulted with a pistol and a young reform school dropout.

It is very difficult for me to say “Pura Vida” because I want to say “Pura Cacos,” but I try not to say this for my wife of 10 years is a Tica. Ya!Ya!

Almost all of the police say the problem is the law. The law is too soft, and they do not have “three strikes and your out” etc. I do not agree. This problem is much more then the weak laws here. Even though, the law is impotent to deal with this growing major problem in Costa Rica, it is clear to me that this problem of robbery at gunpoint is a result of young men using drugs.

The solution will not be easy, and some people may have to die.

Michael Perry
Moravia and U.S.A.

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