Poisoned robbery victim dies after week’s struggle

After a week of suffering, a robbery victim who was made to drink poison, died early Wednesday.

The victim was a high school student who was confronted by robbers as he walked near the Colegio Bocas de Nosara in that Pacific beach community. He was identified by the Poder Judicial as Emmanuel Hernández Caravaca. That was early Aug. 23.

He died in Hospital México where he was taken from the Hospital de Nicoya when his condition worsened. Death was attributed to heart and lung failure. His assailants took a cell telephone, some 50,000 colons, about $100 and made him drink a mixture of weed killer at gunpoint.

Agents said there was a revenge motive behind the robbery, too.

The victim was able to identify two suspects, and one was detained. He was identified by the Poder Judicial by the last names of Campos Villarreal. However, a judge set him free. Prosecutors are expected to ask a judge to revise that decision in light of the death of the victim and a pending murder allegation. Investigators are seeking the second individual.

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