Police manage to capture suspects in Acosta cable thefts

Residents in sections of Acosta have been losing fixed telephone service because someone has been stealing the cables.

The Fuerza Pública identified the areas as Bijagual, Teruel, Las Vegas and Caspirola. Officers began an organized search and managed to stop a pickup loaded with telephone cable Friday morning. They had the help of some Caspirola residents.

Detained with the pickup was a 38-year-old man with the last
names of Ortega Arias. Others in the truck fled, but police managed to round up three relatives of the driver as the suspects. They arrested his brother, 36, and his two sons, 14 and 17, according to police.

The family lives in El Rosario de Desamparados, police said.

Police said they conducted a search and managed to turn up a large quantity of telephone cable hidden in the landscape. Police said the pickup contained 3 kilometers of cable and that the total amount confiscated was 7 kilometers worth some 30 million colons, nearly $60,000.

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