Religious war will end with possible extermination

I’d like to add my small voice to Mr. Sargent’s over-riding opinion concerning religion and its effects on world peace. Particularly the role religion played in 9/11 and many other horrors too numerous to mention.

The well read history buff-student knows the past glory and astonishing contribution of Arab culture in mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, literature, and science. They might also have learned that the Arabs are a patient, intelligent, and cunning people who have also mastered the art of revenge. It is unlikely that Muslims have or will ever forget the barbarous outrages of Christianity’s first unprovoked attack on Jerusalem by zealot “crusaders’ in 1095 A.D.

Given this history and the facts adduced, it is my firm belief despite all the various economic, [oil], and political motives, [imperialist?], that the Islamic Middle East and the Christian West are engaged in a religious war which will only end with the triumph and extirpation of one, or both of their respective culture and religions. If correct, this cataclysm will have enormous consequences for much of humanity, the environment and civilization as we now know it.

Consider the words of Pascal; “men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction”.
Hank Franz
Santa Ana/Las Vegas, Nevada

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