Reporter seeks to change criminal laws and seek justice

This is one of the three graphics

A former Diario Extra reporter has launched a campaign to demand action from the Corte Suprema magistrates to end insecurity and injustice.

He is Fabián Meza, who announced the campaign with an email barrage Tuesday.

He suggests that those with similar views join him Sept. 14 on the judicial plaza to sing the national anthem and to make magistrates aware of their concern. The date and time, 6 p.m., coincide with the celebration of the eve of the Día de la Independencia.

He said that laws must be reformed with the only objective that criminals not live in peace.

He said this should not be an isolated event but the start of a civic movement all over the country to reclaim the rights that are in the Costa Rican constitution.

His message was accompanied by three slick graphics, although he did not name the group that was supporting him.

He is well known as a crime reporter even to the extent that there is a Facebook page for people who hate him.

However, he does not appear to be working at El Diario Extra now because a search of the site did not reveal any new articles with his byline.

He said the protest also would call for justice in education, in the distribution of wealth, on the highways and in all aspects of society.

He said the time has come to make politicians realize that the public is sick of such incompetence. He suggested the country is heading into chaos.

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