Southern zone search part of probe of lawmaker

Judicial agents under the personal direction of the fiscal general searched the facilities of the Junta Desarrollo Regional de la Zona Sur in Golfito Tuesday.

The Poder Judicial said that the investigation has been going on for three months and has reached the stage where evidence is being sought.

Jorge Chavarría, the fiscal general or chief prosecutor, said that agents obtained a search order from the Sala III high penal court. The case not only involved the southern zone development agency but Jorge Angulo, a legislator with the Partido Liberación Nacional.

La Nación, the Spanish-language newspaper, disclosed months ago that the junta paid the bill for Angulo and his family at a local hotel. Both Angulo and a spokesperson for the junta said that the payment was a mistake.

The Poder Judicial said that the search results would determine if investigators would seek to have the Asamblea Legislativa lift Angulo’s immunity to prosecution. He has not been arrested.

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