Speeding fines ridiculous and disproportionate

I felt I had to write a comment on the new traffic cameras, and their fines. Are they insane ? They already have thousands of appeals pending on the existing disproportionate traffic fines, now they are going to add thousands more.

We all surely agree with fines and points for exceeding speed limits, but they must be appropriate to the offense and within the means of the offenders. $600, for most Ticos, would probably rob their families of food for a month. For many, the car is not worth $600.

The idea of a three-year prison term for speeding is even more ridiculous. Without any benefit system, how would the offenders family survive. I know they should not have offended in the first place, but there has to be a better solution than this. Make the fines in line with other countries. The fines should include bans on licenses for excessive speeds. If you are caught driving after that, then threaten the prison system.

My real gripe with the driving laws that are being passed, is over the way people drive. I am sure most readers have been nearly injured by some maniac overtaking in an impossible situation, like blind corners and heavy traffic. They may not have been speeding as they performed their stupid action, but they risked several people’s lives at the time. Where are the traffic cops and cameras then ?

Let’s get the idiot drivers, uninsured drivers, and unroadworthy vehicles off the roads first.
Mike Keelan

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