Survey says cell tower radiation is well below established limits

Those who oppose the construction of new cell telephone towers probably will not be able to claim harmful effects from the radiation.

The Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones and the Ministerio de Salud just conducted measurements of the 3G and GSM emissions from cell towers in Trejos Montealegre and San Rafael in Escazú, Anselmo Llorente in Tibás, San Luis de Santo Domingo de Heredia, San José Centro, Pozos de Santa Ana and Rohrmoser.

Technicians found cell tower radiation to be from 300 to 1,800 times lower than permissible levels, the Superintendencia reported. The health ministry has established those levels.

The Superintendencia quoted the World Health Organization in saying that a television or radio set emits five times the radiation as a cell tower and there have not been ill effects linked to television or radio during the last 50 years.

Many of those who are protesting the cell towers are mainly concerned with the effect their proximity will have of real estate value because the scientific literature says exactly what the most recent measurements found.

Cell towers are in the news because the new, private entries to the telecom market are putting up these structures all over the country.

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