Truck yielded fireworks amid a load of fertilizer

Here are the cartons confiscated in Guanacaste. Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública photo

Police at the country’s northern border have intercepted a shipment of fireworks hidden in fertilizer.

They said they detained a Nicaraguan driver at the Cuajiniquil, La Cruz, Guanacaste, crossing. The man had 62,704 individual fireworks presumably designed to liven up the Costa Rican Christmas and New Year’s.

This is the first such case this year, police said. Nicaragua produces all types of fireworks that frequently find their way to sales outlets in Costa Rica. The basic rule here is if it explodes, it is illegal. Still, the holidays sometimes sound like a war zone. There are some commercial operations that put on fireworks shows that are legal.

The man was identified by the last names of González García. He was detained over the weekend.

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