U.S. has saved millions at the expense of its citizens

Mr Barbour’s recent letter to the editor about “payback” and “meddling” has reminded me of some topics i am confused about.

Shortly after 9/11, I saw on a New York news channel that a poll was conducted in Canada in which 80 percent of Canadians answered “yes” to the question “Do you think that the us had brought the 9/11 attacks upon themselves because of the United States foreign policy?” Apparently they believed like Mr. Barbour that we deserved what we got because of our “meddling.”

This news broadcast was followed by a commercial from the Canadian tourism board asking us citizens to come and spend vacations in beautiful canada!!!!

Okay, I think I get what there saying, they want the U.S. citizens to come to their country to spend their money before they die? Apparently it’s okay that the U.S. gets rich by exploiting foreign countries as long as Americans spend their blood money in their country to help their economy, or maybe they want Americans to be relaxed and rested before the next round of “freedom fighters” slaughter us.

If the United States is so evil, why have the Canadians not banned U.S. citizens from their country and why have they not refused to accept American dollars and do business with the United States?

Recently a coworker of mine stated that during World War II the Americans knew about the concentrations camps during the war and “did nothing to rescue the Jews.” Okay, so wait a minute. Now, someone is angry that the United States did not “meddle’ enough in a foreign war where ten of thousands of American died fighting Germany and Japan. Apparently my coworker thought that the U.S. with its military power and international influences should have some how sneaked millions of jews out of Europe while the Germans were at Octoberfest. I reminded him that the U.S. was not able to save thousands of their own soldiers from slaughter during the Bataan death march, or from the German POW camps.

Yes, Mr. Barbour and his supporters are right, the United States has made many bad decisions that cost the lives of many innocent citizens and soldiers in the U.S. and worldwide, and, yes, we did slaughter thousands of innocent native Americans. but please tell me a country that has not. please tell me of any country that has not been in a war that has killed many innocent people because of land, money, or whatever. show me a country that has not had policies that has also led to the deaths of innocent people?

Maybe, Mr. Barbour should think about the millions of people who the United States has saved from tyranny, starvation, exploitation and massacre through the sacrifice of its own citizens.
Tom Hochreiner
New Jersey/Potrero

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