U.S. man in Mazatlan faces grenade parts allegation

Mexico’s attorney general says police have arrested a U.S. man for allegedly smuggling grenade parts to a powerful and dangerous drug gang.

Authorities identify the suspect as Jean Baptiste Kingery. Police arrested him last week.

Kingery is suspected of smuggling grenade parts across the U.S.-Mexican border to the Sinaloa drug gang. He allegedly bought the material over the internet and in stores.

Mexican drug gangs frequently use hand grenades in their battle with police and soldiers, who are struggling to destroy the drug trade.

Turf wars between drug gangs and their fights with police have made northern Mexico an extremely dangerous place to live or visit.

Kingery was detained in Mazatlan in Sinaloa state. Police found pins and other components, including what are called grenade casings. None is illegal, but police also found guns in his possession, they reported.

U.S. officials are trying to tie gun and weapon sales in the United States to the Mexican cartels, but substantial material is imported from elsewhere. Arrests have been made in Nicaragua of military officers selling live grenades to the cartels.

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