We must humble ourselves and stop wars and greed

Finally someone responded like I have always felt about concerning the role of the U.S.A. in the world. Thank you, Mr. Dean Barbour, for speaking up. There are many like us out here. I, too, have my doubts on the real causes of the Twin Towers tragedy. Besides the Twin Towers incident was the corporations cost of doing bad business around the world.

I will believe in a God when he sends the U.S. to hell. God would NOT be blessing the U.S.A. If he does, then he is no God of mine. The U.S.A. started out on the wrong track and has always been on the wrong track. Creating havoc wherever and whatever they got their hands into. Remember the Pilgrims and the consortium of European followers that came here? They are guilty of one of the largest genocides in human history. The massacre of the natives in North, Central and South America.

No one wants to talk about that. Especially in the history books. The loss of life was uncountable. The pillaging, unmentionable. The thieving, without guilt. Whether it was the gold, or more modern, the oil.

Let’s face our truths, as it really is, the history of the U.S.A. The U.S.A. was founded on murder, raping, and down right stolen it from the natives and México. For example, We talk about having title when we transfer lots here in Costa Rica. Did Napoleon have the title to the Louisiana purchase. Does sticking a stick in the ground with some cloth with colors on it deemed rightful position? NO. It wasn’t his to sell. It was illegally acquired. It should be NULL and Void, as well all of the land from the majestic purple mountains, to the fruited plains, and from the sea to the shining seas we stole, murdered, and pillaged for.

We must stop the wars and the corporate greed behind the wars. We must stop the assignations of other rulers who don’t see eye to eye with our corruption. And we need to humble ourselves. Ask for forgiveness for our past.

Now my big question, If and when we stand up against the wrong direction our country has taken. OR If we try to take back our country. Will we be labeled as Freedom Fighters or Terrorist.
Steve Meno
Coronado de Osa.

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