Agrarian development unit marks its 50th anniversary

The Instituto de Desarrollo Agrario de Costa Rica celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Plaza de la Cultura, but the event was cut short because of intense rains.

As part of the observance, President Laura Chinchilla called upon lawmakers to pass pending legislation to transform the institute and change its name to the Instituto de Desarrollo Rural, She said this new model would respond to current problems and the needs facing Costa Ricans in the rural areas.

The agrarian government organization was established Oct. 14, 1961, via a law known as Ley de Tierras y Colonizacion.

In the plaza organizers had a stage set-up and various tents representing the institute and other environmental friendly and free-trade organizations. The Instituto de Desarollo Agrario tents were filled with tropical plants, fruits and vegetables that are common of the country such as birds of paradise, ginger flowers, bananas, lychees, and kabocha squashes the size of a basketball, also known as calabaza.

They were handing out free fruits and vegetables to attendees of the event. At the end many people also walked away with beautiful flowers ranging in various shades of pinks, oranges, reds and greens.

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