Another drug vessel due in port today after capture

The U.S. Coast Guard is expected to arrive today with another Costa Rican fishing boat in tow after a drug bust on the high seas.

The U.S. Embassy reported that the coast guard captured the boat “ Miss Jacky” some 300 miles southwest of Puntarenas, the boat’s home port.

The embassy said that the crew of the coast guard vessel “Waesche” estimated that they had captured about 300 kilos of cocaine. The fishing boat crew dumped bundles into the water, so the coast guard crew is not sure all had been recovered.

The boat was captured Friday morning. There were four Costa Ricans aboard, the embassy said.

Under terms of an anti-drug treaty between the United States and Costa Rica, Costa Rican nationals caught on the high seas are turned over to officials here for criminal action.

Puntarenas and other Pacific ports are hotbeds of drug smuggling ever since the Colombian and Mexican cartels infiltrated the fishing fleet. Typically the drugs are landed in Costa Rica, frequently hidden in fishing gear, and then sent north over land.

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