Anti-litter campaign plans to change focus for next year

The Asociación Terra Nostra and supporters hope to educate Costa Ricans so they will not litter with solid waste. That is the program for next year.

The association announced this as it gave the results of its last beach cleanup of the year that was held last Saturday.

The association has been focusing on Playa Guacalillo in Garabito, Puntarenas, near the mouth of the Río Grande de Tárcoles. The river, which is fed by the Río Virilla, carries much of the solid waste from the Central Valley into the Gulf of Nicoya. And plenty ends up on the beach. The association has repeatedly returned to the beach during the last year. More than 200 volunteers participated last Saturday.

The program is called Costa Rica, te quiro limpia or “Costa Rica, I want you clean.” The association has the support of the Ministerio de Salud, Channel 7 Teletica, Banco Nacional and a host of corporate sponsors.

The association said that the emphasis next year would be education. Rather than picking up the trash when it ends on the beach, the association said it wants to reach people at the point of origin of the trash. It also said it would focus on two as-yet-unidentified beaches.

The association said that last week the volunteers picked up 4,708 kilos of trash, including 2,000 kilos of vehicle tires.

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