Burglars leaving scene of crime run into a police checkpoint

No this is not a yard sale. Frontier police in Los Chiles near the Nicaraguan border accumulated these household items when they stopped a vehicle that was believed involved in a burglary nearby.

The headquarters of the Policía de Fronteras in Los Chiles looked like a flea market Tuesday after officers intercepted a vehicle load of household items that had been taken from a home in Caño Negro.

Thieves did not know that police have been involved in a special operation for several months to prevent the theft of cattle, drug trafficking and the entry of illegal individuals. So a
vehicle containing the burglary loot came up on a police check point. The driver tried to evade the police control point, and eventually the four occupants jumped from the vehicle.

Police managed to round up four suspects. All are from San Ramón, officers said. The arrests took place near the crossroads known as El Parque de Los Chiles, said the police report.

The loot included fans, sound equipment, televisions, a sewing machine and other household items.

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