Contaminated water seen as cause of Heredia illnesses

Some 200 residents of Santo Domingo de Heredia went to the municipal council meeting Monday night with petitions seeking a declaration of emergency over contaminated water. They want tanker trucks sent in with drinkable water, according to the Comité Bandera Azul Ecológica de San Miguel.

For 10 days the families, mainly in Tunes, Paracito, San Miguel, San Luis and Pará, have had discolored water that has been tested and shows fecal contamination. Residents have been getting sick and blame the water.

Personnel from the Ministerio de Salud have been in the area monitoring the ill individuals for two days, said the committee.

The Comité Bandera Azul Ecológica said that it has observed Río Agrá en Moravia and said that the ground water was contaminated with agricultural runoff.

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