Coronado bootleggers had a first-class operation

Stainless steel bottling machine ready to go. Judicial Investigating Organization photo

The image generated by the words “illegal alcohol still” probably involves a couple of rednecks armed with shotguns sitting around a coil of copper up in the hills. There might even be a coon dog sleeping in the shade.

Not so in Coronado. When judicial agents accidently stumbled on a guaro operation Friday, there was plenty of stainless steel, a bottling assembly line and even a brand name, Apache.

Judicial agents were on the trail of a third juvenile suspect in a murder case. They tracked him to the home in San Rafael de Coronado where they detained him. At the same time they made the surprise discovery. Hundreds of bottles, all labeled with the brand name, were packed and ready for distribution.

Guaro is a cane alcohol called aguardiente in other countries. As with all alcohol, improper preparation can prove fatal to drinkers.

Agents found barrels of the liquid in addition to the small bottles ready for distribution.

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