Country should have permits for selling and taxing drugs

I believe that Costa Rica is smart not prosecuting possession of small amounts (personal usage) of illegal drugs. A reasonable fine much like a traffic citation is not only a money saver it could be a money maker. Cross reference these citations with the motor vehicle Department and every year when a car owner pays his fee for his car if he has an unpaid drug fine…no sticker for his car…that would make people pay up (at least if they owned a car).

Also as a medical tourism destination Costa Rica might want to think about instituting a “medical marijuana” law. Sell it legally and tax it substantially. The US could benefit from doing this as well.

Costa Rica is facing a crime problem and needs to stress opening up court and jail space for much more serious and violent criminals than potheads or pill poppers. Like most countries Costa Rica needs revenue. This is a chance to save money on prosecuting possession crimes and make money with fines or, better yet, taxing controlled amounts sold through government-licensed establishments. Want to grow a small marijuana crop? Buy a permit It could be a solution

Patrick Mach
Florida / La Uruca

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