Death of judge after liposuction treatment prompts raids

Judicial agents raided a plastic surgery clinic in Tibás Friday and then did the same at the home of the woman physician who runs the clinic.

The judicial action was the result of the death of a judge who died after spending time in Hospital Calderón Guardia. The judge, identified as Elizabeth Tosi Vega, had had at least one treatment at the clinic.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the judge
spent a week in the hospital and that judicial agents are confiscating documents related to her treatment there.

Judicial agents are seeking to determine the nature of the treatment that the judge received at the clinic. The Judicial Investigating Organization did not identify the physician, who lives in Barrio Don Bosco. Other sources said the treatment was liposuction of areas around the face.

The judge is believed to have suffered some form of blockage of arteries in the head after she returned to her Curridabat home from the clinic.

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