Deluges are nothing new in Costa Rica’s weather

This letter is in response to Mr. Bill Pitts’ comments about third world countries. It almost sounds like he read my mind, so I won’t repeat what he said here. However, I do have a couple of additional points.

First, James Brodell, the editor of A.M. Costa Rica, has expressed concern about sea level rises from global warming. I share his concern. Secondly, A.M. Costa Rica has acknowledged that a growing number of respected scientists are doubting the impact of humans on this process. Again I agree. Finally with respect to deluges we’re suffering here and in Cambodia, I remember the TV coverage of the drawn-out Vietnam War showing never ending monsoons and flooding. Here in Costa Rica what they call the “temporal” or non-stop rain for several weeks in October/November was the norm each year when I first arrived in 1988, not the exception.

For Costa Rica to join the chorus of third world beggars, justifying it all with manmade global warming is a disgrace.

Clifford Dukes
La Aurora de Heredia

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