Día de las Culturas moved to create three-day break

There is another three-day holiday coming.

The Consejo Superior of the Poder Judicial is the latest entity to rule that workers in that branch of government should take Monday, Oct. 17, off. The normal day to celebrate Día de las Culturas is Oct. 12, which is a Wednesday this year.

Other branches of government are expected to adopt the same rule.

The Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social already has announced that the holiday will be celebrated Oct.17 for private enterprises. Holidays usually can only be moved around with the approval of the ministry.

So Oct. 17 becomes a holiday with obligatory pay. But that term means nothing to most companies. Most firms still have to give their employees the day off or they have to pay double. Only a small fraction of companies that pay their employees weekly can avoid holiday pay.

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