Discovery of car links money laundering here with murder

Judicial agents seeking a money laundering suspect encounters a vehicle owned by the wife of a man suspected in the Guatemalan murder of singer Facundo Cabral.

That happened Thursday when agents conducted two raids. One was in Barrio San José de Alajuela and the second was at the business Lubricentro Alajuela.

The Poder Judicial said the vehicle belonged to the wife of Alejandro Jiménez González, who is known as Palidejo. He is in flight after police in Guatemala obtained statements implicating him from those who killed the singer. His wife was identified as Wendy Nancy Pérez Sánchez. Three other vehciles also were confiscated, said the Poder Judicial.

The suspect who was detained faces an allegation of money
laundering. The case is linked to the discovery of some 128 kilos of cocaine that was being sent to Spain in 2008. The Poder Judicial identifiedhim by the lzst names of Sovalbarro Chaves.

Agents from the economics unit said that the man is suspected of putting $3.3 million into the national banking system in the last three years.

The car was found at his home. She is missing, too.

The shooting of famed singer Cabral was the result of an attempt on the man in whose car the singer was riding. That is Henry Fariñas, a Nicaragua businessman with interests in Costa Rica.

As agents looked deeper into the case here, they found connections with drug smuggling and money laundering.

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