Documentary on diablitos will be shown this morning

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad is presenting a 53-minute documentary today at 9 a.m. over the native traditions of the Boruca people in southwestern Costa Rica.

The audio visual presentation is called “La Fiesta de los Diablitos en Curré.” The documentary was done by José Luis Amador, an anthropologist at the telecom company.

The showing will be in the auditorium of the Centro de Cultura y Transferencia Tecnológica of the company that is 300 meters north of the central headquarters in Sabana Norte.

The native community of Rey Curré is the scene of one of the annual symbolic clashes between the Spanish invaders and the resident natives. The event lasts for several days, and the fiesta in Rey Curré is just one of several such events among the Boruca.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad is trying to develop a major hydro power station in southwestern Costa Rica. Part of the land is on a native reserve, and there have been protests.

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