Even a clumsy, special effects sloth needs a good name

Some are upset that the sloth ends his sales pitch by falling off a tree branch. Instituto Costarricense de Turismo photo

Readers are invited to submit appropriate names for the three-toed sloth that is now the centerpiece of a multi-million dollar tourism institute promotion.

Disregarding one of the basic rules of advertising, 22squared, the Atlanta ad agency in charge of the trip give away promotion, failed to name the sloth.

In fact, the sloth rather discourteously fails to identify himself in the promotional video.

For true impact everyone knows that fictional characters have to have names. There’s Rosie the Riviter of World War II fame, Mickey Mouse, Francis the Talking Mule, Tommy the Toucan and even Mr. Ed.

The sloth’s friends have names.  He (assuming the sloth is a male) introduces Luis, a monkey, and Jorge, a turtle. And there is Freddy, the Costa Rican, who refers lamely to the sloth as Mr. Sloth.

But no name for the principal character. To paraphrase Sir Walter Soctt:

Breathes there the sloth with soul so dead who never to himself hath said, this is my own, my given name . . .

One reader already claimed that the sloth should be named a Costa Rican public employee. But that was a political.

Readers should remember that the sloth is algae-free, perhaps the only one of its species that way. And, despite being a Costa Rican native, he speaks Midwestern standard English.

A.M. Costa Rica will not award a prize, but editors will give readers a chance to vote on submitted names.

And the submitter will be identified.

Those interested can send suggestions toNamethatSloth@amcostarica.com until Oct. midnight Oct. 17.

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