Franklin Chang, British Embassy urge global warming action

Franklin Chang Dias is bracketed by animated characers from 'Odyssey 2050'

The Ministry of Science and Technology and the British Embassy will be hosting the world premiere presentation of the first module of the film “Odyssey 2050¨ Friday in the auditorium of the Colegio de Periodistas. The event will be held at 2 p.m. and is coordinated by the British Embassy in Costa Rica. The production is a cautionary climate change tale.

The film is being produced in Costa Rica by Daniel and Miguel Bermejo of the Synchro Film company and Bruce Callow of the British Embassy. In June, it was declared to be of public interest by the president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla. ¨The message is that this future does not have to be,¨ Callow said.

The film will be three stand-alone modules, and only the first module will be shown at the premiere. On the Web site, is a trailer for module I presented in English, Spanish and Korean with a brief introduction by former U.S. astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz. The title of Module I is ¨Warning.¨

Callow said the first module sets the stage for the topic of climate change in the not promising year of 2050. A reconnaissance crew of animated space travelers analyze the Earth and what could have been done to prevent the observed outcome.

A puppy-dog commander explains how his team has been to ¨many worlds… and, in some cases provided assistance… but, in others, there was nothing that could be done.¨  He expresses how he ¨cannot comprehend how the dominant species of this planet could´ve been so unwilling to provide a fighting chance for survival to its descendants.¨ Then, later, a Doctor Doom character says ¨perhaps they deserve extinction. But the price the entire planet is paying because of their inactions is so very high.¨

In the trailer, Earth is ravaged by climate change. The projections are based on data, according to executive producer Bermejo, from Internet researches, statistics and other documentaries on the same subject.

The Odyssey 2050 project is aimed at getting young people involved in taking action before it is too late. On the Earth Charter Initiative Web site, a group collaborating with the Odyssey 2050 project and the British Embassy in Costa Rica are calling for video submissions from students until Nov. 20. The intention of the videos should be to explore the question: ¨How can we build a better future together?¨

All suitable submissions will be included on the Odyssey Web site and prizes will be awarded for the most outstanding submissions.

Bermejo said the film is not a prediction of the end of the world in 2050, but simply that it would be too late to take action at that point. ¨The important thing is that it is not too late, and it is time to act now,¨ Chang said in the introduction.

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