Golfito cocaine theft case goes to trial in Corredores

Nine suspects in the theft of 320 kilos of cocaine from the very offices of the Golfito prosecutor’s office go on trial there today.

This is a major case that will receive heavy news coverage from the Spanish-language press. The trial is being held in the Tribunales de Justicia de Corredores for security.

The suspects include one guard who worked at the Golfito judicial offices, two Fuerza Pública officers and one former officer.

The theft happened March 26, 2009, when a group of men entered the Tribunales de Golfito and removed the cocaine that was being kept as evidence. The thieves loaded the drugs on a nearby boat. The cocaine has not resurfaced.

Judicial police detained one suspect and confiscated some $406,000 in cash as well as euros and colons.

The trial is expected to last two months with the participation of 26 witnesses, said the Poder Judicial.

Since that theft quantities of cocaine that have been confiscated are loaded under heavy guard on a security ministry aircraft and flown to the Central Valley for safe keeping and destruction.

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