Home invaders hit high-profile residence

Home invaders forced their way into the Barrio Dent home of the former president of the Asamblea Legislativa, tied up his son and a domestic employee and ransacked the place. No one was hurt. The man is Francisco Antonio Pacheco, who is serving as president of Banco Popular for a year.

The bandits forced their way into a barred entry near the kitchen, and Pacheco said he thought they just disconnected the metal gate from a chain connected to a motor. They also smashed a wooden door.

In a similar home invasion in Barrio Cuba, a 25-year-old man died when he resisted a robber, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. He was identified by the last name of Espinoza. He suffered two bullet wounds to the chest. That was at 10:30 p.m. Friday.

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