Industrial revolution gets a bad rap from presidents

I have noticed that many Third World countries have become professional beggars with representatives knocking on all the doors at the U.N. in hopes of receiving a grant, a loan, a freebee of some kind, preferably the kind that you do not have to pay back or will be forgiven in time. Costa Rica is one of the worst.

Costa Rican reps know exactly where to go for free money. They also are in touch with each and every developed country that has giveaways, such as assistance in technology, services in the civil arena as well as the military. Costa Rica receives all kinds of help from the U.S., Canada, many European countries along with China and possibly other Asian countries.

I’m sure if Chávez and Castro offered some cash Costa Rica would probably take it. This aid amounts to billions of dollars a year in freebies.

Now our president wants to blame the weather on the industrial revolution which Costa Rica has not benefited from. Now she wants developed countries to feel guilty about the weather and donate millions for the necessary repairs of the infrastructure.

I suppose the world is to blame for the terrible engineering and construction of these roads at conception. I guess President Chinchilla’s plan to become the president of a developed country has just been put on hold. Maybe another day, another year, another century — but not under this presidents rule.

Sorry. Girl. The Gringos up north aren’t buying it. Your potholes will just have to get bigger by the day and wait for the road crew who comes whenever they wish. Maybe the Chinese will go for it. Taiwan may have, but they were booted for a monetary upgrade which included a questionable stadium and two hundred Great Wall cop cars (thanks to reverse engineering of the Toyota) of which many are already wrecked and or out of commission. Easy come easy go.

Bruce Simpson
Hone Creek/Miami

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