Labor ministry to announce program of jobs for youth

The labor ministry will be announcing a program to train and provide jobs for youngsters today.

The program, called Empleate, seeks to target young people who are in what the government calls situations of vulnerability.

In addition to the Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social, also promoting the project are the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, the Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo and the Programa Conjunto: Juventud, Empleo y Migración.

The Programa Conjunto is run by the Interrnational Labor Organization, which has helped set up the program here, said officials.

The labor ministry said that the youngsters will be trained with an eye to later insertion into the workforce. It said that public institutions, businesses and non-government organizations will be involved.

The International Labor Organization and other agencies received a grant of $4.7 million from the Millennium
Development Goals Achievement Fund to set up the program.

The development fund said the program would facilitate access to decent employment by improving the employability and entrepreneurialism of young people between the ages of 15 and 24, especially those from rural areas, women and migrants.

“This will be done by implementing an integrated program of one-stop youth employment shops in two communities: one in a rural area and one in a marginal urban area,” said the development fund on its Web site. “The first result of the program will provide access to employment intermediary services, education and training for employment. The second result has a national focus, and aims to strengthen the coordination and coherence of public policies and government action. Collaborators in the planning and execution of the program will include government agencies, the business sector, workers, civil society and, especially, organizations run by and for young people, which will guarantee that the needs and interests of the young population, as seen from their own perspective, will be incorporated into the program.” The communities are believed to be Upala in the northern zone and Desamparados in the metro area.

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