Ms. Fernández appears to win big in Argentina

Initial results from Argentina’s presidential election show Cristina Fernández de Kirchner re-elected by a landslide.

The early returns give Ms. Fernández 53 percent of the vote while her closest challenger, the Socialist governor of Santa Fe province, Hermes Binner, has just 14 percent.

It will be a bittersweet victory for Ms. Fernández whose husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, died of a heart attack a year ago this week.

Ms. Fernandez, who succeeded her husband in 2007, struggled to hold back her tears when she cast her ballot in his hometown of Rio Gallegos.

Political experts in Argentina say voter sympathy and Argentina’s strong economy helped Ms. Fernández win re-election.

President Fernández said she feels very proud to be Argentine, especially when she looks at the rest of the world economy.

President Fernández will be the first woman re-elected president in Latin America.

Also at stake in Sunday’s election are 130 seats in Argentina’s lower house of congress and 24 seats in the senate. Supporters of Ms. Fernández are looking toward a heavy voter turnout to allow her Musicality Party to regain control of congress, a position it lost in the 2009 mid-term elections.

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