Murder-suicide triggered by domestic dispute

A Ciudad Colón man killed his female companion Wednesday afternoon and then hid in an interior room of his home while police surrounded the property. When police entered later in the evening, they found the man had killed himself.

The dead woman was identified as a foreigner, possibly European. The man was believed to be a Costa Rican.

Investigators said that the shooting grew out of domestic violence, which may have been a long-running problem for the women.

The home was a sprawling, luxurious one on Calle Las Carreras in Ciudad Colón. The property was surrounded by a high wall, and police restricted access for news people. It is called Los Pozuelos.

The shooting took place around 4:30 p.m. Someone, probably the man, called the Cruz Roja, but when two rescue workers arrived, the woman was dead on the floor of a corridor in the home, they said. The Cruz Roja workers called police while the man withdrew to the room.

The Judicial Investigating Organization took over and dispatched negotiators. There also was a squad of shock troops who were prepared to enter the home by force.

No one reported hearing the shot with which the man killed himself.

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