New tax bill will bring economic chaos and crime

In reference to your article today, “Lawmaker outraged by tax reform pact” and that the assembly leadership cut him off.

I might add that many are recognizing that this law is destined to lead Costa Rica into economic chaos and lawlessness.

Putting an extra 15 percent advalorum tax at every phase of every economic activity will drive the cost of
living through the roof for everyone. The renter, already pressed, will have to pay 15 percent more. The agriculturist down to the smallest struggling farmer will have to pay 15 percent at every step of the agricultural process (buying seed, fertilizer, transport, taking sugar cane to the mill (of which 90 percent is waste product) . . .and do all the grueling paperwork evidencing his misfortune.

In one blow politicians will not just discourage production, but youth seeing fathers struggle for little or nothing, will more quickly resort to narcotrafficking, crime and assault … of which we already are overwhelmed. All under the excuse of financing a few extra police.

There is little hope a few in congress can to bring the shortsighted majority up to snuff in wisdom.

And apparently Costa Ricans are already so overwhelmed by taxes and red tape they are unable to make their voice heard.
S. Smith

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