Occupy movement needs to be covered by media

We have a movement that needs the attention of the media just like any movement. I totally agree with most of them that the corporations have taken over. We need to cover the issues being represented in the movement.

These are people who have lost their jobs and many times their homes. These people are from all walks of life. They are trying to wake people up to the harm that has been caused by the crisis.

The world needs to realize that we need to see what is happening here and a blackout from the media just gives more credence to the cause. Media is bought and paid for by the elite.

If we do not allow these alternative voices to be heard, we should be worried. Global voices should be heard. The world has been taken by the bankers and by corporate greed. We can no longer stand by and pretend everything is okay.

I only hope this can stay peaceful. The Roman citizenry Saturday showed how violence does not get the proper attention and nor should it.

Support the people that can speak out against the corporate greed. We have plenty of it here in our own backyard.

Debora Edholm

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