Pensionado painter opens his 10th art exhibit here

Playa Carrillo, Guanacaste

Donaldo Voelker, the expat artist from Michigan, has opened his 10th exhibit, this one at the Casa de la Cultura in Heredia.

Voelker had his first art class in Heredia in 2004, he said in an email. He is a pensionado who retired from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in Detroit. He had a show in June at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery west of Liberia.

He said that his focus is not restricted to Costa Rica or even Central America. The current exhibit, which ends Oct. 15, includes seven oils from a trip he took to Cuenca, Ecuador, in May. He said he would return to South America again next year.

Basílica at Santo Domingo de Heredia during a feria

“My artistic influences are listed in my Web page, but my style keeps evolving, Voelker said.   “I am an avid reader of modern European art history.   My biggest artistic debt is to Vincent Van Gogh, but also the other post-impressionists Paul Gauguin and Paul Cezanne.  With each painting I incorporate more of the influences of the German expressionists, who followed Van Gogh.”

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