Prosecutors will ask judge to jail lawyer for six months

A court in San Joaquín de Flores de Heredia will hold a hearing this morning on a request by prosecutors to jail a well-known lawyer for six months investigation.

The lawyer is Arcelio Hernández Mussio, who is facing an allegation of fraud involving a $638,000 hotel deal.

The money came from a Costa Rican corporation that is made up of U.S. investors.

Hernández, a fluent English speaker, had been sought for more than a year, said the Poder Judicial. However, this was not a fact that was made public. The lawyer was detained Tuesday in Gravilias de Desamparados near where he lives. He also had been active as a lawyer in the Jacó area where he was involved in many real estate transactions before the economic downturn. The Poder Judicial said that the money was supposed to go to the purchase of a hotel. Hernández had argued in emails to A.M. Costa Rica and its associated publication Costa Rica Report that he had a long career handling money and that this was just one deal that fell apart.

Hernández was being questioned formally Wednesday by prosecutors. The Poder Judicial said that Hernández was in flight. However, he is believed to have spent some time in the United States and returned to Costa Rica to face the allegations.

The case today will be heard before the Juzgado Penal de San Joaquín de Flores.

Hernández advertised in A.M. Costa Rica until February 2010. He also has done legal work for the parent corporation of the newspaper. He also has written opinion pieces on legal topics.

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