Readers are anxious to give Mr. Sloth a real name

Youngsters in the Lambert family play with a rescued sloth that the family adopted for a time 15 years ago. Paul Lambert, a Manuel Antonio real estate broker, said the family named the animal Flash. Palu Lambert photo

The tourism institute sloth seems to bring out the best in readers. And it also brings out a little sarcasm.

With just two days to go in the Name the Sloth contest, readers have submitted words that seem to make a lot of sense.

Reader Greg Gordon likes Sabado for a name because “on Saturdays we all move slowly,” as does the sloth, he said.

Paul Lambert of Latitude Real Estate in Manuel Antonio has had practice in naming a sloth. He wrote: “About 15 years ago, my family had the privilege of adopting and caring for a baby sloth that had been rescued. It lived with us and was a part of our family until he (or she, we never knew), decided it was time to get back to the jungle.

“Anyway, it was the sweetest animal we ever knew, and we named it Flash, I’m sure you can appreciate the irony of the name.”

Lizzy Fallas from Essence Translators gave some thought to the name and came up with a play on Costa Rica: Oscar Tica. She said Oscar would be a great name.

Ms. Fallas was not being political but others were when they suggested Oscar, as in Oscar Arias Sánchez, a commentary on the former president’s performance.

Some used the contest as a platform to express concern about Costa Rica security. “As the name
for the sloth, name him ‘Confusion and Despair’ because that is the state of affairs in Costa Rica,”
said Keith Wesserton, a former resident of Ciudad Colon. He mentioned the tax on tourists, crime and $600 speeding fines.

Others were more upbeat. Jon Hoffnagle of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He said the sloth is a wonderful representative for the tourism face of Costa Rica. He suggested the name Salvador the Sloth or Sal for short as in savior. “Hopefully this be the ‘saviour’ to bring more tourism to Costa Rica.” he said.

Hara Maderich had a similar opinion. He suggested Maksamillion deSloth because the animated critter is designed to increase business and revenue
Of course a lot of suggestions were keyed to the slow movement typical of a sloth. John Downs suggested I.C.E. “since they both move incredibly SLOW,” he said in reference to the telecom company, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. Duane Egelund was on a similar track when he suggested Mr. Sleepy.

Readers still have two days to submit suggestions for names. The names are not binding on the tourism institute, but A.M. Costa Rica will adopt the selected name for future references to the animated salesman. Suggestions can be sent to

The three-toed sloth is the centerpiece of a multi-million dollar tourism institute promotion and is being run by the firm 22squared in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is the star of an Internet promotional video.

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