Readers pick a name for tourism institute animated sloth

Readers have spoken and by a narrow margin the nameless promotional sloth will be called Slo Mo. That name with 21 reader votes edged out Tico Feliz (19) and Flash (14).

Other possibilities were Pokey (12), Manuel or Manuel Antonio (11) and Syd (7).

Two weeks ago editors launched a series of votes because the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo and its Atlanta, Georgia, ad agency failed to specify a name for the sloth in a promotional video that is part of the $2.9 million trip giveaway program. However, other creatures and one human in the video had names.

Even as the votes were being cast for finalists, there were write-ins. Tranquillo and Sam were some of the suggetions.

The voting, of course, is not binding on the tourism institute or its ad agency. But from now on this newspaper will call the animated sloth Slo Mo.

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