Readers pick five finalist names for tourism institute’s sloth

Instituto Costarricense de Turismo graphic

Readers have selected five names out of a semifinalist list for the nameless sloth that is the central figure in Costa Rica’s North American promotion. They are:

Pokey, Slo Mo, Flash, Syd, Tico/Tico Feliz and Manuel/Manuel Antonio.

Readers now have the chance to vote for just one of these names. Those who wish to do so can send their selection to through Wednesday. The naming has no legal effect, but editors thought the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo and its ad agency in Atlanta, Georgia, missed a good bet by not naming the animated critter that promoted the country.

The selection of the finalists brought a litany of new names. Not the least was Little Buddy, submitted by Jennifer Rice of Kids Saving the Rainforest on behalf of her mother who is in New York. Ms. Rice said that Little Buddy was the name of the first sloth the central pacific organization rehabilitated and released in 2000.

Barry N. Leon of Atenas suggested relámpagobecause the word rolls off the tongue and is ironic because a sloth is something less than lightning.

Daniel M. Sheridan of Tamarindo suggested Bradley from Bradypodidae family category in which scientists place the three-toed sloth.

There were dozens of others that were similarly creative. However, the new entries were not on the semifinalist list, so they did not attract other votes.

Other strong finishers were Oscar, Smiley the Sloth, Paco and I.C.E. This last name dripped with sarcasm because the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad frequently

Will he be

Slo Mo,
Tico/Tico Feliz or
Manuel/Manuel Antonio?

is considered painfully slow in handling utilities. One woman was unsure about that name. No one likes I.C.E., but everyone loves the sloth, she said.

Other names that found favor were Maksamillion deSloth, Señor Domilion and Stretch.

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