Readers sent many names for the tourism spokesloth

This is the animated character the firm created. Instituto Costarricense de Turismo photo

There were 64 suggestions for naming Mr. Sloth, who appears in the Costa Rican promotional video on Facebook.

Suggestions came from as far away as Thailand and as close as down the street. There were very few duplications.

Now readers have a chance to select what they believe to be the best three names from the adjacent list. The names that get the most votes will be the finalists for a second round of voting.

The name is not binding on the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, but at least A.M. Costa Rica will use it when referring to the sloth.

All the creatures and even a human in the promotional video has a name except the central character. For that reason, A.M. Costa Rica created this contest. Some simply suggested a name, but others provided a reason. The adjacent list contains exactly what readers submitted. There are some duplicates because there were several suggestions of the same name.

Please address an email with your top three selections to

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