Registro to allow customers to download what they bought

After more than a month, the Registro Nacional is allowing customers to download documents they already had purchased before the agency pulled the plug.

The Registro emailed customers Tuesday to say that they were able to enter their accounts and download from their inventory documents that had been blocked.

The Registro acted quickly after the Sala IV told it Aug. 31 that it could not charge for documents until a court case was decided.

Instead of making documents available for free, the
Registro just stopped the service. The Colegio de Abogados, the lawyers’ guild, objected to the charges that the Registro was collecting. In the past, lawyers were able to download documents for free, copy them and then charge their clients.

A copy of a personaría juridica, a document corporation managers need to prove their standing, costs about $5 when obtained through the Registro. Lawyers usually charge an amount equivalent to $20. Some users had posted sums in anticipation of using them. Others purchased documents but were unable to download them when the Registro acted in the wake of the Sala IV temporary ruling.

The online services of the Registro are considered vital to the government’s digital plan.

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