School director, cop’s daughter, 13, among murder victims

Among the murders and violence over the weekend two cases stand out.

In La Rita de Pococí de Limón police located the tortured and bullet-riddled body of the school director in Línea Vieja en Guácimo. They are not sure if he is just another robbery victim or if he was punished for expelling a student who was selling drugs in the school. The man Kenneth Panagua Soto had been on the job eight months and had complained at a meeting of parents that he was being threatened with death.

Whoever killed him also took his vehicle
Meanwhile in Carmen de Upala police found the missing daughter of the deputy chief of the cantón de Guatuso. The girl, 13, had been missing since Saturday, according to police officials. The Judicial Investigating Organization said the girl, identified by the last name of Araya, left her home on a household errand and vanished.

Police detained a suspect, according to Allan Obando, director of the frontier police in the northern zone.

In another weekend case, a gunman opened up on three visitors to the El Pueblo commercial center in Calle Blanco which contains dance locations and bars. One man died and two more were injured. The location is in north San José.

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