Someone had their way with car shipped from Texas

I recently shipped a very good 1999 Suzuki Vitara from Texas. I have owned it for three years with the sole purpose of shipping it to Costa Rica for my personal use. It had given me good service in the States and had passed every state inspection for those same three years.

My Vitara was bailed out at the aduana for a little over $3,300 in taxes. After the ransom was paid, it was discovered that the gas and oil had been removed from the car. It was after dark at the aduana’s storage yard. Gas and oil were inserted, but the oil flowed out, which was not discovered in the dark. Because someone thought that steeling the oil where the oil filter screws in was easy, they did not see the value of screwing the filter back in. Needless to say, my Vitara froze up from lack of oil, which generated the need for a new, rebuilt engine.

After the new engine was installed, my Vitara would not pass the emissions test. It was finally discovered that the air flow system had been removed and replaced with an air flow system for a smaller engine. Because my Vitara’s system had an inferior part in place, then only did a specialist discover the switch.

I have read what A.M. Costa Rica stands for, and I think that an individual should be able to retrieve from the aduana, the same vehicle that was shipped, instead of it being used for parts.
Larry Rubenstein
El Cajon de Grecia

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