Tests planned here to earn a U.S. ham radio license

The volunteer examination coordinators of the American Radio Relay League plan an examination session for U. S. amateur radio licenses, to be given in Costa Rica. These exams have been offered from time to time in the Central American region for the last five years, and the exams will be open to any U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident with a permanent U.S. mailing address, regardless of where they are living or are legally resident at the moment.

The tests, required to obtain a U.S. amateur radio license will cover technical topics, radio standards and practices and the legal rules governing the operation of transmitting ham radio stations in the United States. The tests are multiple-choice, but no longer include a Morse code proficiency requirement as they once did. They will be administered for all three grades of license as the examinees may request, said the examiners. Those currently holding licenses may take this opportunity to upgrade if they wish, they said. The fee for the exam is $14, same as in the U.S., and this entitles the applicant to take and receive credit for as many test elements as he or she can pass that day, including for higher grades of license. A U.S. license can then be used to obtain a reciprocal operating permit in Central America.

Those persons interested in taking the exam should contact Carlos “Keko” Diez, TI5KD, at ti5kd10@gmail.com, or by telephone at 8825-8789 as soon as possible to make arrangements, to get directions to the test location and to reserve a seat, said the announcement. The tests will be administered Oct. 28 at 9 AM, in La Guacima, Alajuela. The day is a Friday. This may be the last opportunity to take the test this year anywhere in Central America, the announcement said. Those who feel the need for some practice taking the tests can take practice exams at http://www.qrz.com/ht/. Study manuals can be ordered from the same source, at https://ssl.qrz.com/bookstore, the announcement said.

Expat holders of U.S.-issued ham radio licenses may, under the terms of a reciprocal operating treaty with regional governments, receive permits by their host governments to operate in most other countries as well, including all the nations of Central America, said the announcement. Information about the process of obtaining a reciprocal permit for Costa Rica may be obtained by contacting Diez, it said.

All licensed hams in Central America are invited to participate in the morning coffee klatch on 3785 Khz. lower sideband at 6 a.m. daily, Costa Rica time, and are invited to call CQ at anytime on 145.770 Mhz on two meter FM, said the announcement.

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