Third World countries need to dump socialism to grow

I was shocked by the article “Presidents blame First World for damaging storm.” I am used to reading in your pages, mainly from letters to the editor columns and one “Butterfly,” little gems of colossal ignorance. But it was astounding to hear it from presidents and ambassadors of actual countries . I think that this declaration goes a long way to explain why these countries are Third World and will remain that way forever . To blame the industrial revolution for the plight of these nations is really ridiculous . It is impossible for me to imagine what kind of misery and squalor the world would be in today if it was not for the industrial revolution .

The complaining countries are in the shape they are in today because they continue to cripple their economies with socialism. They will never improve their lot by asking for handouts . They need to develop what natural resources they have (oil, gold . Rivers. Etc.), cut out government red tape and try to emulate the first world . They need to put capitalism to work for them everywhere they can.

Now this global warming hoax . The earth may be warming or it may be cooling . That is what it does . It warms for a while and then it cools for a while. It always has, and I hope it always does . In spite of a bunch of junk scientist (most of which profits in some way by proclaiming that man is warming the earth) and a hysterical Al Gore, it has not been shown that man-made emissions are much of a problem. The anti-capitalists of the world want to kill the world economies for no reason other than that they are socialist and anti-capitalist .

The statements of these leaders make them look ignorant, whiney and petty .
Bill Pitts
Fort Worth,Texas

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