Ticket prices for Brazil soccer game become political issue

The usually angry Costa Rica en Acción is really angry over the price of tickets to the soccer game tonight between the Brazilian and Costa Rican national teams. Brazil is a world powerhouse.

The email diatribe shows that sports even transcends politics in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica en Acción shot off its criticism and said that the cheapest tickets should not cost 40,000 colons, some $78. “The concrete mausoleum was built by China for the people of Costa Rica not for an elite of Costa Rica,” said the political message.

The message asked who is administering the fund generated by the soccer games and large music concerts. In fact, the money is being handled by a trust in a local state bank. And a committee hired persons to manage the stadium.
Still, Costa Rica en Acción said that it is not right that children, youth and adults from low-income families cannot attend the stadium and see the game. This is the same organization that has consistently opposed the free trade treaty with the United States.

About 100 traffic policemen also will not attend the game. They will be outside the stadium starting at midday today keeping motorists out of the area.

There is a chance that the roadway bordering the stadium to the north will be closed due to the crush of pedestrians. Traffic police said they would try to keep the way open for persons who live in the area, but they are discouraging parking in the Sabana area by soccer fans. Instead, those who will attend the game are urged to use buses or the valley train service.

The game is at 8 p.m., and many fans will see the contest on television at a local bar, a home or even in social clubs.

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