Trio in two vehicles said to have been hauling alcohol

Here are the boxes that judicial agents managed to interdict in the southern part of the country last week. Judicial Investigating Organization photo

Judicial agents stopped a shipment of presumably untaxed alcohol late Thursday near Buenos Aires de Puntarenas in the southern part of the country.

Agents said they think that they were dealing with a well-organized operation because the boxes of alcohol were camouflaged in the back of a vehicle and two men in another vehicle were serving as security.

Agents said they found 77 boxes with 1,058 bottles in the vehicle. The occupants were in contact by radio, police said.
The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the men involved were residents of Río Claro and that there may be more arrests.

Some residents in the southern part of the country take advantage of the proximity with Panamá to smuggle all types of merchandise. Most end up in the Central Valley.

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